Powder Coating System

System description

This system consists of 150 meters - conveyor, 31.5 meters – washing partition, 10 meters – draining, 6 meters – painting camera and 24 meters – furnace. Reduction gear regulates the movement of conveyor. Conveyor contains 246 stands and they are capable to rotate 360° around their fastened place. Loading capacity of stand is 600 kg. Lubrication system is normal and it is lubricated with oil. Conveyor’s flow is 1 meter per minute.

All these processes require 2.5 hours.

The dimensions of metals put into painting process should not exceed 1200x1700x2800 mm.

The following tests are conducted for the verification of the quality of complete products:

  • Model 312 Cone-shaped arch, the appearance of cracks on the surface
  • Model 266 Cylindrical mandrel, putting crack and peel
  • Model 304 Changing stroke, stroking from different altitudes, deformation
  • Model 295 Inspection of coating with the help of cross-cutting device (stickiness, corrosion)
  • LAYERCHECK FN-2 measuring device - micrometer, in order to check the thickness of painting on the surface

Standards used in quality control: EN İSO 6860, EN İSO 1519, EN İSO 13523-7, EN İSO 6272, EN İSO2409.

Washing process consists of 6 parts:

1. Degreasing bath:

  • Water capacity – 5.5 m3
  • Electrical heater – 162 kW
  • Required temperature – 40 – 50°C
  • Electric engine power – 11 kW

  • Degreasing bath cleans metal from oil, dirt and dust. Metal is processed under pressure of water and alkali mixture using electric engine with 15 kW power.

2. Washing with clean water:

  • Water bath capacity - 2 m3
  • Air pump (Electric engine) power - 5.5 kW

In this process metal surfaces transmitted from degreasing bath through conveyor are cleaned with water.

3. Activation bath:

  • Activation bath capacity- 1.3 m3
  • Electric engine power - 5.5 kW

Activation bath activates the metal surfaces and prepares them for zinc phosphate process.

4. Zinc phosphate bath:

  • Water bath capacity- 8.5 m3
  • Heaters power – 135 kW
  • Electric engine power - 15 kW
  • Required temperature - 40 – 65°C

This process prepares metal surface for coating process.

5. Washing with clean water:

  • Water bath capacity- 2 m3
  • Electric engine power - 5.5 kW

Metals are washed with clean water in order to transmit them to passivation bath after zinc phosphate bath.

6. Passivation bath:

  • Water bath capacity- 1.3 m3
  • Electric engine power - 5.5 kW

Passivation is carried out in order to dry metal surfaces or freezing phosphate coating and ensure that painting is solid and overlay after washing with clean water during zinc phosphate process. After all washing processes, details are transmitted to the draining furnace through conveyor at a speed of 1 meter per minute.

Draining furnace:

  • Length – 10 meters
  • Electrical heater power - 96 kW
  • Required temperature– 100-120°C

Metals are transmitted to the powder painting camera after draining procedure.

Special equipment erupts powdered dye to the metal surfaces in the powder coating camera. 2 automatic systems covers the metal surface with uniform paint coat. In rare, especially in complex constructions 2 hand sprayer. Painted metals are transmitted to the furnace through conveyor.


  • Temperature in furnace - 185-200°C
  • Electric engine power – consists of 2 engines and each possesses 7.5 kW
  • Electrical heaters power - 240 kW
  • Length – 24 meters

This is the last process. Metals are fully dried during this process and transmitted to the unloading area.