• Aluminum-composite panel


It is possible to produce a 180 m² normal or refractory aluminum composite panel (alcopan) which can be widely used in the construction industry with the help of equipments belonging to South Korean company "U-lim Co", which is installed at STP's Sandwich Panels Plant. Currently, the thicknesses of aluminum composite panels produced at the enterprise are 3, 4, 5 mm, width 1÷1,25 and 1.6 meters, and the length varies according to customer's request. The color of the aluminum layer is also determined by the customer's choice.


Aluminum composite panels (alcopan) are construction coating composite materials. Panels consist of 0.5 mm thick, pre-painted aluminum sheets, and the polymer (based on low pressure polyethylene) was stacked between them. Adhesion to aluminum plate is provided with adhesive granules. It has superior surface resistance due to painted top aluminum sheets. The building's interior and exterior fronts, decorative programs, advertising boards are the main areas of use.

Technical specifications

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Main field of application

  • External and internal coverings

  • Shopping centers, hotels, exhibitions

  • Various recoveries and decoration

  • Signboards and advertising boards

  • In domestic and external surface applications of airports, bus terminals, tunnels and subway stations and so on.

The features
of the aluminum
composite panel

  • Durable, tough and lightweight
  • Applied in many different colors and elastic projects
  • Aesthetic and stylish appearance
  • High resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Fast and easy installation