Sandblasting and painting

General information

In the cleaning and painting shop of the plant of anticorrosion coatings at STP, depending on the customer's requirements, services are provided for the anti-corrosion protection and painting of various complex metal structures and their parts, high-pressure tanks used in construction, machinery and other industries. Currently, the shop has two areas - sandblasting (surface preparation) and painting.

Metal products are gradually oxidized in contact with oxygen. Rain and sea water accelerate this oxidation and rust occurs. As a result, the resistance of the metal is weakened and the metal is destroyed. Each product made of iron and steel, breaking down, after a while becomes unusable. To prevent this, it is necessary to limit the contact of the material with oxygen. The best way to do this is to paint.

The most important thing to do before painting a metal product is to clean the surface of grease, rust, concrete and dye. The ideal method of surface cleaning is sandblasting. This process is called sandblasting because sand is the main material used in cleaning. Sandblasting is the main stage of preparation of the metal surface for painting. The effective result of this cleaning will allow to carry out high-quality painting, allowing the paint to adhere more tightly to the surface and to ensure the product's durability. If this process is not performed before painting, the lifetime of the metal structure is small. A well-prepared surface allows the use of a typical multi-layer color system for more than 10 years. However, if you use this system on a surface on which there is the slightest trace of contamination, then the service life will be 4-6 years, and sometimes less. The method of abrasive cleaning is the removal of a thin layer of the surface, with the help of sand coming under high pressure air and striking the surface.

The sandblasting process is carried out in accordance with various standards. In the sandblasting and painting shop under STP, the contamination is cleaned from the metal in accordance with SA 2 and SA 2.5 standards at the request of the customer. The sandblasting process is performed by metal shavings, dry sand, water, flame, steam, manually or by means of mechanical devices. During this process, highly qualified specialists wear a special uniform.

After cleaning the surface of the metal by sandblasting, without wasting time, primer is applied at the initial stage. Otherwise, the surface of the metal is rapidly oxidized, and the metal can again rust. The applied paint will also be selected in accordance with the purposes of using the metal. If the metal is to be used at high temperature, one paint should be applied to the surface of the metal, and another paint should be applied for use in high corrosion conditions.

Very different types of paint are used for metals intended for places with high salinity, such as the sea. The paint is applied both by brush and by airless painting machines. The materials are painted using traditional and new technologies in the painting shop under STP. There is all necessary equipment and technology for painting any product regardless of its size.