• Aluminum profiles


The use of aluminum profiles in production is growing day by day. In addition to strength and durability, its daily use in new industries is growing due to its lightness, frost resistance and the ability not to release toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures. Being ductile and corrosion resistant, aluminum becomes even more attractive compared to other metals.


Sumgait Technologies Park offers various types of aluminum profiles for construction projects, such as windows, doors, furniture, interior items and for industrial use. The most modern equipment, made in the USA, Germany, China, Turkey and Russia, allows us to produce aluminum profile products that meet the requirements of our customers. Our aluminum extrusion press lines have the capacity to produce 4500 tons of aluminum profiles per year.

We can paint up to 2880 tons of metal profiles per year using our powder coating lines.

Technical specifications

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Main field of application

  • Construction and building

  • Mechanical engineering industry

  • Shipbuilding industry

  • Furniture production

The advantages
of our aluminum

  • Long fire resistance.
  • Extensive features in terms of design.
  • Lightweight but strong and durable material.
  • Resistant to wind, heat and cold.