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Tending to agricultural sector of people losing their job in other sectors of economy is an obvious example as a result of negative effect of the processes, especially in global energy market on Azerbaijan economy. Nowadays development of labor demanding sectors of agriculture gives more people an employment opportunity in a short span of time in our country.

One of the factors of being positive influence on development of this sector is being cheap and high quality cost price of technical supply. It is opportunities to use domestic raw material at the time of setting up of newly-established production areas.

Sumgait Technologies Park, a diverse range of enterprise developing industry of country is one of the main supplier of various sectors, as well as that delivers its own high quality products to different agricultural areas.

Sumgait Technologies Park put into operation by President Ilham Aliyev on December 22, 2009 is a pioneer in the establishment of technology parks in the region, as well as is a complex of specialized factories distinguished by a different range of products. Currently, there are 12 factories and more than 30 production sites in the area of 250 hectares of Sumgait Technologies Park, which has increased its production capacity in a short time. The launch of these enterprises enable production of various high quality construction materials according to demands of consumers. Application of modern technology also leads to decrease of cost price in construction industry, high quality and import replacement.

In today's fast-paced economy of Azerbaijan, the production capacity of the enterprises and the competitiveness of products are defined as the essential conditions according to the market requirements. Addressing exactly this, today Sumgait Technologies Park has succeeded in ensuring the compliance of its production lines, including products and services with the latest standards and adopting new technologies in production processes.

Sumgait Technology Park attaches great importance to cooperation with construction companies with the purpose of giving full satisfaction to consumers in its own operation. Technopark, participating as a main supplier in more than 50 large projects since 2009 continuously delivers its own high quality and reasonably priced products. Technopark which participated in more than 50 projects as a main supplier since 2009, continuously offers its own high quality and reasonably priced products to agricultural sector.

General Information