General information

Firsе local e-kiosks products - STP terminal

The terminal and kiosk type equipment manufactured by Sumgait Technologies Park will be presented under “STP Terminal” brand. STP terminals include payment and ticket terminals, including also turn and information kiosks. STP terminals may be used at all government agencies and any organizations and companies regardless of their type of activity and field. 

Our advantages

  • Local Production

    Local Production

    Our terminals manufactured by applying innovative technologies and fully meeting world standards are manufactured under “Made in Azerbaijan” brand.

  • Price


    Prices of locally manufactured STP terminals are more affordable than their foreign counterparts.

  • Technical Inspection

    Technical Inspection

    STP may also conduct technical inspection of terminals.

  • Shape


    Terminals carcass and structure may be designed at customer request and painted in corporate colors of the customer company.  

Service fields


  • Climatic conditions

    from 5 °C to +40 °C.

  • Relative humidity

    up to 80 %.

  • Overall dimensions of terminal with one monitor:


  • Overall dimensions of terminal with two monitors:


  • Overall dimensions of seat


Terminals are usually deployed at safe or controlled and crowded places.

Big monitor terminals are also used both in open air and inside walls.

Body description