The most modern equipment of Europe, Japan and China are installed at STP's metal ware manufacturing plants. These machine tools have special characteristics listed below:

  • modern CNC bending machine tools – it is possible to bend the steel sheets with length of up to 12 meters and thickness up to 20 mm under different angles without using of special designs;
  • modern CNC folding machine tools – it is possible by being steel sheets to fold pipes with length 6000 mm, thickness 22 mm, diameter up to 5000 mm, pipe and cone parts with length 3000 mm, thickness up to 20 mm, pipes with length 4000 mm, thickness 80 mm, diameter of more than 800 mm, pipes with a length of 4000 mm, thickness 100 mm, diameter of more than 2000 mm;
  • semi-automatic (NC) pipe cutting and carving turning machine tools intended for processing of pipes with maximum diameter 533 mm, length 12000 mm being used in oil and gas industry;
  • multi-functional fully automated (CNC) turning milling machine tools for preparing of precise details in the same machine tool by using both turning and milling by one setting method in the shop;
  • vertical, 3-axes processing centers with Fanuc fully automated control system (CNC);
  • fully automated (CNC) vertical turning machine tool intended for processing of various types of complex details of cylinders and frameworks;
  • fully automated multi functional vertical turning machine with "Fanuc" control system;
  • NC typed semi-automated circular horizontal and internal polishing machine tool;
  • leveling machine for making steel sheets with the thickness 10÷60 mm, width 2500 mm;