In the technopark HOWO STP branded vehicle trailers and semi-trailers which are used in various fields of construction and industry,  and also dump trucks and rolling sided trucks installed on the chassis of vehicles, baskets (STAQ – different sizes 17, 22, 28), cranes, at the same time they are repaired by technical service.

The 7th series of HOWO STP, produced by STP, is equipped with improved engines. The power of the applied engines ranges from 266 to 420 horsepower. The car has features such as efficient power classification, low fuel consumption, and it meets Euro-3 standard. HOWO STP has high technical specifications, beautiful design, perfect safety system and comfort.

The use of equipments manufactured in Turkey and Germany that meet the European standards, ­technological requirements and qualified personnel potential is one of the main reasons for getting high quality in the enterprise.

STP produces the following trucks, which are used for construction, as well as for transportation of goods of various purpose:

  • Rolling sided and with platform (STP BPY-25, STP PY-22, STP PY-35, STP PY-45, STP BQ-8,STP BQ-10);
  • Automatic-dump truck (STP OBY-35, STP OBY-45, STP OBY-60);
  • Heavy-duty truck (STP AYDY-40, STP AYDY-60);
  • Container carrier (STP KDY);
  • Pipe layer (STP BQ-2255, STP BQ-2214);
  • Trailers and semi trailers with cisterns (STP SYQ-25, STP SYQ-28) and of different destinations.

Installed on chassis of vehicles:

  • Hoisting baskets, (STP STAQ-17, STP STAQ-22, STP STAQ-26, STP STAQ-28);
  • Dump trucks and rolling sided trucks (of different dimensions according to the order);
  • Concrete-mixing tanks (9 and 12M3);
  • Water and flue tanks (of different dimensions);
  • Van buses;
  • Brigade chassis and etc.

Technical service for produced vehicles and semi-trailers is provided.