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The establishment of the economy as a result of a successful and purposeful policy carried out in Azerbaijan has created favourable conditions for the further growth of economic activity in the country, the rapid development of the non-oil sector along with the oil sector, the poverty reduction, improvement of social protection and well-being of the country population.

The modernization of infrastructure, investment in the non-oil sector, the creation of strategic currency reserves exceeding the level of the gross domestic product, further improvement of business environment and increasing the transit potential of the country thanks to the effective utilisation of oil revenues have resulted in economic development in Azerbaijan. As a result, a giant, multilateral enterprise such as the Sumgait Technologies Park (STP) has been established and plays an important role in the development of the country industry.

The STP, put into operation by the President Ilham Aliyev on December 22, 2009, is a pioneer in the creation of technology parks in the region, as well as it is a complex of specialized factories distinguished by wide range of products.

In today's fast-paced economy of Azerbaijan, the production capacity of the enterprises and the competitiveness of products are defined as the essential conditions according to the market requirements. Addressing exactly this view, today Sumgait Technologies Park has succeeded in ensuring the compliance of its production lines, including products and services with the latest standards and adopting new technologies in production processes. Currently, there are 13 factories and more than 30 production sites in the STP's area of 250 hectares, which has increased its production capacity in a short time. Thanks to the launch of these enterprises, the high professionalism of skilled engineers and the application of modern technologies, a new range of industrial products are manufactured and our products meet all the technological and quality requirements. Today, the activity of STP has led to a decline in the cost of production that is essential for the industry, as well as high quality and import substitution.

Guided by the purpose of fully achieving customer satisfaction, the STP always attaches great importance to cooperation with influential partners such as BP, Gazprom, TOTAL, SOCAR, Steadfast Engineering, Halliburton, TEKFEN, AZFEN and others. It acts as a key supplier in projects controlled and attended by these companies in the oil and gas sector.

The aim of the STP is to offer the products that assume particular importance for the country economy and reflect the latest technological achievements and take full advantage of opportunities to participate in future large-scale projects. As a manufacturer of many products used in the oil and gas sector in Azerbaijan, STP is always proud to be with you with its reliable, high quality and affordable offers.

 General Information