At the time of increasing continuously of energy carriers, research of new economical, cheap and effective ways by employer of greenhouses is real. It is clear that saving energy with coating material of good quality is more effective than spending on heating lavishly.

Polyethylene coatings produced by Polymeric Products Plant, STP are satisfactory and desired products. This kind of coatings ensure preservation of proper temperature effectively for cultivation of plants in any kind of greenhouses. Polyethylene coatings are differed by lots of characteristics from both ordinary and glass coatings and they are irreplaceable product for greenhouses due to these characteristics.

Polyethylene sheets of STP have the capability of high thermal insulation by keeping temperature stable. Thus, it protect greenhouse 80 times than glass, 120 times than seedling coatings from frost and hot. Unique characteristic of product is no transmittance of water, humidity, dust and sound.

Produced polyethylene coatings with width of 0.7-3 m are put on the market with 12-24 years warranty.

Preferences of greenhouse coatings

  • It is elastic and light, has capability of binding of structure of greenhouse construction in any manner fast.
  • Mechanism expenses and application are cheaper and easier.
  • Multipurpose coatings can be produced by use of various additives depending on the place and purpose of installation.
  • They are more cost-effective in comparison with greenhouse coating materials.