PuGPng (A) - HF

General information

PuPng (A) - HF, PuGPng (A) - HF types installation wires are used for electrical installations in fixed laying in lighting and power networks, as well as for electrical equipment, machines and mechanisms, including residential and public buildings, with nominal operating voltage up to 450 V (for networks with voltage 450/760 V) or with constant voltage up to 1000 V with nominal frequency up to 400 Hz.

PuPng (A) - HF, PuGPng (A) - HF types installation wires

The wires can be used for group installation to provide electricity in sports complexes and residential buildings.


  1. Conductor of copper wires (tinned copper wire is produced as well)
  2. Insulation: Halogen-Free Polymer Compound

Technical parameters of the wire

Wire type

The number of conductors

Cross sectional area of conductor, mm2

ПyПнг (A)-HF


0.5÷120 (I, II class)


  • Operating temperature of the wire: -40 °C / +90 °C
  • Relative air humidity: 98 %
  • Warranty period of the wire starting from the day of its operation: 3 years
  • Category of flame retardants in group cabling: A
  • Service life: 30 years