СИП - 3 (SAX)

General information

Wire SIW-3 (SAX) is designed for overhead transmission lines with 0.66, 1.0, 10, 20, 35 kV, for input tapping of branch power lines, for in-air-laying on walls of buildings or engineering structures of types II and III according to GOST 15150. At a specified temperature of storage and operation wire materials do not give off pollutant emissions in concentrations dangerous for human body and polluting the environment.


  • Conductor – aluminum, round, multi-wire stranded, compacted (GOST 22483 II class)
  • Insulation

In SIW-3 wires, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is used as an insulating material


  • Rated voltage: 10/20/35 kV (SIW-3)
  • Nominal cross-sectional area, mm2: 16 ÷ 240 (SIW-4); mm2: 35 ÷ 240 (SIW-3)
  • Wire is resistant to solar radiation
  • Wire is resistant to rain
  • Temperature range during operation: -60°C / +50 °C
  • Service life: 40 years
  • Warranty period from the date of commissioning: 3 years

The STP Cable Factory produces overhead power lines of other sizes as well.