Plant of Polymeric Products

General information

The Polymeric Products Plant (PPP) is the second biggest enterprise in the Sumgait Technologies Park.

The Polymeric Products Plant (PPP) is the second biggest enterprise in the Sumgait Technologies Park. Operating since December 2009, this plant specializes in producing various polymeric pipes, and is one of the largest industrial facilities producing polymeric pipes in the region.

The PPP is currently running facilities for the production of polymeric pipes, polymeric fittings, reeled and polymeric composite pipes, PVC door and window profiles and their lamination, mixing and dosing technology as well as cable plasticate, water and sewage pipes and polycarbonate plates. These facilities specialize in producing PE 100 water and gas pipes of diameter 16 ÷ 1200 mm, composite fiberglass-layered PPRC pipes that are resistant to temperatures up to + 90°C and used in hot and cold water supply systems, drip irrigation pipes, corrugated pipes (widely used in power transmission and telecommunication lines and for draining wastewater, groundwater and rainwater), socket pipes of diameter 150-1000 mm, polypropylene and PPH sewage pipes with sockets and high and low pressure corrugated pipes (800-3500 mm), while also producing a wide range of fittings, bell and spigot and sealing rubber rings, flanges and flange adapters for facilitating installation works. Along with plastic pipes, various types of PE, PP units, polycarbonate plates, polyethylene coatings and packages, PVC profiles are also produced.

More than 80 production lines operate at the plant. The entire production process is performed on the most modern equipment by German companies KraussMaffei, Unicor, Krah, Austrian Battenfield Cincinatti, Fux, Italian Omipa and Turkish Mikrosan. All finished products are tested in laboratories exported from Denmark. Our labs have been accredited as per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2008 standards.

The German-made technology and raw materials guarantee that the production process always complies with modern international standards. The total production capacity of the plant exceeds 250 000 tons.