Plant of Technical Gases

General information

The Technical Gases Plant is one of the major production plants operating at the Sumgait Technologies Park.

The Technical Gases Plant is one of the major production plants operating at the Sumgait Technologies Park. The plant was commissioned in May 2011, and currently employs 38 people. Despite its short history, the plant is currently not only expanding its production capacity, but is also producing high-quality liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon and solid dry ice (in the form of bullions and granules). The team, comprising of highly-qualified and experienced specialists, employs the latest technologies that meet European standards, meaning the plant offers high-quality products to the local and foreign markets. Thus, the introduction of the newest technologies from Germany (CRYOTEC, BUSE) and other European companies as well as the fully-automated latest technology make it possible to produce liquid and gas products with no analogues in Azerbaijan in terms of purity level.

The quality of the technical gases is automatically controlled by a modern online analyzer. In addition, the quality of the products is regularly checked by the Quality Control Department.

The plant has a fully-automated control system (Siemens SİMATİC S7). PLC (SİMATİC S7) is a management system automatically performing storage and filling operations.

Currently, oxygen (99.97 % purity, 500 kg/hr.), nitrogen (99.9995 % purity, 550 kg/hr.), argon (99.9995 % purity, 15 kg/hr.), liquid carbon dioxide (99.98 % purity, 150 kg/hr.) as well as dry and granular ice are produced at the STP Technical Gases Plant.

Technical gases are gases that are used in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy, steel casting and medical industries, as well as in the manufacture of glass, in electronics, laboratories, the metallurgy industry and environmental protection. Liquid carbon dioxide and solid dry ice (bullion and granule shaped) are used in food products, and have been awarded with a hygiene certificate by the Republican Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Technical gases are filled to cylinders using the manifold-vacuum system, which meets the most modern requirements. Before filling, gas cylinders are fully vacuumed, guaranteeing high-quality product in the cylinders. The Plant has a sufficient amount of European-made gas cylinders.

All products manufactured by the plant are certified by the State Committee on Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan (recently liquidated by the Order of the President. The Plant was also awarded the international certificates ISO 9001:2008 - 9001:2015 in 2014 on Quality, ISO: 18001: 2007 in 2015 on Health Protection, and ISO 14001: 2015 in 2016 on Environmental Protection.

The products made at the Technical Gases Plant are used by well-known companies in the Republic, such as Baku Steel Company, Gunesh, Chinar, Real Gaz, Baku Copper Plant, Baku-Prague, Pepsi Cola, Samsung Co., Ltd, Socar Polymer, SOCAR Fertilizer Plant and AzerTechnolayn LLC.

The Plant also produces mixed gases (arc mixes) meeting STP internal and external demand.

In the future, the plant is expected to introduce repair services for gas rods, hydraulic testing and painting. The plant also plans to purchase and use hydrogen production plants.