General information

OPGW (ОКГТ-ц) type cables stretched along the overhead power transmission line to protect wires from direct lightning strikes and to perform the function of data transmission through optical fibers

Structural Design

The cable with a core in the form of a central optical tube of ø 3.8 mm diameter, with internally placed G.652.D optical fibers filled with a hydrophobic gel throughout the entire length of a cable. The core is reinforced with 6 layers (ø 3.9 mm) of aluminum-sheathed steel wires.

  1. Optical fiber
  2. Hydrophobic gel
  3. Stainless steel tube
  4. Aluminum-sheathed steel wire


Number of fibers

Attenuation rate, dB/km
1550 nm/1310 nm

Acceptable tensile strength, kN

Temperature range during operation, °С

Outer diameter, mm

Weight of a 1 km long cable, kg


<0.22/ <0.36




~ 460


Installation temperature

-30 °C

Temperature range during transportation and storage

-60 ºC......+70 ºC

Minimum bend radius


For a single-tube cable OPGW (ОКГТ-ц)

33.0÷237 kN

Crush strength

100kq/10 mm


Temperature of installation-30°C
Temperature range of transportation and storage-60ºC......+70ºC
Minimum bend radius20xD
For a single-tube cable OPGW (ОКГТ-ц)33.0÷237 kN
Crash strength100kq/10 mm