General information

Fiber Cables A-DF(ZN)(SR)T2Y / A-DF(BN)(SR)T2Y (ОКЛмТ) sheathed with laminated corrugated steel tape armor, single-layer-coated, with (eight-stranded) suspension rope for suspension on power line pylons

Cable Construction Design

The bearing member is placed in parallel to the twisted conductor. The bearing member can consist of a steel rope or a dielectric-based strength member (fiberglass rod). Optical fibers are freely placed inside the tube and interstice is filled with a hydrophobic gel. Polymer tubes are SZ stranded around a central-strength member. Interstice between stranded tubes is filled with hydrophobic gel and covered with PET tape. Next. The cable core is sheathed with aramid yarns or fibers glass yarns and laminated corrugated steel tape armor, the bearing member is sheathed with high-dense polyethylene outer jacket.

  1. Steel rope (T)/ steel wire rope (Ts)
  2. Glass rod (Td)
  3. Corrugated steel tape armor
  4. Central member
  5. Polymer tube
  6. Optical fiber
  7. Hydrophobic gel
  8. Outer jacket
  9. Aramid yarns (ZN) or fibers glass yarns (BN)

Color Identification of Fibers and Tubes (IEC 60304)

Fiberredgreendark blueyellowwhitegreybrownpurpleblueblackorangepink
Moduleredgreendark blueyellowwhitegreybrownpurpleblueblackorangepink

On customer’s request, the color identification of fibers and tubes (and color assembly sequence of tubes) can be changed.

Number of fibers2-2426-4850-7274-9698-144
Number of tubes (max)666812
Number of fibers in a tube48121212
Temperature range of operation-60°C.....+70ºC
Temperature range of installation-10°C.....+50ºC
Temperature range of transportation and storage-60ºC......+70ºC

Minimum bend radius

Tensile strength (IEC 60794-1-2 E1)3.5 ÷ 30.0 kN
Crush strength (IEC 60794-1-2 E3)3.0 kN/100 mm (min)