Crane manufacturing plant

Up to 200 tonnes

Heavy machine-building plant has been established in Sumgait Technologies Park (STP) with the purpose of making contributions to the machine building industry of the country, and raising competitiveness in the internal market. One of the main production directions within plant is crane fabribation. It has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2011.

Scope of the plant is as follows: crane repairing (maintenance) and crane fabrication.

Crane repairing (maintenance) division carries out repairing and maintenance of more than 100 bridge cranes that put into operation in other STP plants. More than 80 kinds of new cranes (single girder, double girder, hoist) have been manufactured since its establishment. Delivery and installation process of cranes can be provided depending on request.

Cranes are being manufactured in accordance with following technical parameters:

  • Lifting capacity – from 1T up to 200T
  • Throughput regime - from 3 m up to 36 m
  • Running System - Remote, cabin and cable management.
  • Types of cranes: single girder, double girder, hoist

The production process is carried out under the supervision of quality control department and after testing, each truck cranes are put into sale. Magnetic and X-ray examination is carried out by the quality control department.

Crane manufacturing plant provides technical services during the warranty period (12 months) after installation of all kinds of hoists.

Technical services contract can be signed after the warranty expires. All metal structures and equipments used in crane manufacturing have been certified and comply with the international standards. Price of cranes is determined due to their technical parameters.

A vast range of lifting cranes for thermal and hydroelectic power stations that put into operation in different regions of Azerbaijan and currently under construction are designed and manufactured in Sumgait Technologies Park.